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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Cliff,

I can see the search bar on your home page, you might need to re-fresh your browser a few times to see the changes. Browsers tend to cache heavily any content available.

If you have difficulties setting up plugins, I highly recommend using some kind of back-up solution and making site backups every time you make a change. This way you will make sure that even if something does not work out, you can revert back.
Usually there is nothing wrong, but a couple of times I have myself experienced issues like: plugin installation timeouts, which then lead to incoplete file transfers, which may bring your site offline. It only takes a bit of bad luck, and it can happen.
I myself back-up everything before updating any plugin or the core, because it takes hours to fix when something goes down.

The reason why the pro version is a standalone from the lite version in this case is, that there are many versions for both lite and pro versions available. Making them all coop with one another, especially older pro versions with newer lite versions would be a huge overhead in the code. I know many developers do this for the sake of business, but my primary motivation is to keep the code as simple as possible, and not to to avoid any compatibility issues – to have a working solution, instead of workarounds and potential issues. At least this is what I experienced in the past couple of years working on these plugins day and night.
My ultimate solution was to fully separate these two plugins, by creating a standalon lite version, without any limitations, which the users can enjoy without having to buy the pro version if they don’t need those extra features – and more importantly, they can go back to that any time they want to.

If you need help with re-creating the same configuration with the pro version (and placing it where it is now), as you have with the lite version now, I will gladly assist you, all I need is a temporary back-end access and possibly temporary FTP access, but usually that is not neccessary. But if you don’t need any more features, you can keep using the lite version, as it is based on the same code as the pro one, you wouldn’t notice any change whatsoever.

Ernest Marcinko

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