Reply To: Translation and delete




I need to tralsrate “Related Post” to 2 laungage (Japanese and English).
It should be Japanese on JPN page, should be English on EN page.

I saw your plugin is compatible with WPML, that is why I bought it.
Normally I need to use WPML to separate them but it is not on string.

I duplicated one related post setting but it didn't work (It was not same setting) then tried to delete.
You say it won't couse any issues but it showed bug on the post page.
Whenever I press delete botton, the bug increased on page.

Actually I needed to restored my website to get back to day before because of the bug.
So I don't have any picture to show you.

I will try not to duplicate and delete anymore.

Please help me to translate “Related Post” to each language.
Thank you.

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