Reply To: Exclude taxonomies from results


Ernest Marcinko

I don´t want to see the CPT elements in the search result
– By ‘CPT elements’ you mean on the results page you don’t want to see some parts of each result? – this is controlled by the theme you are currently using, the plugin cannot affect the results layout on the results page.
– Or don’t want to see some results on the results page, belonging to the categories you excluded? Because excluding a whole taxonomy is not a good idea at all. If you want to recuce the results to a very tiny subset, I would recommend using the inclusion option instead, as I detailed earlier.
– Is this concerning the results page or the live results?
– Can you please make an example of what would you expect, and what is happening?

Please be as much specific as possible, because it does not make sense to me why all of the taxonomies are excluded in your screenshot. It would yield no results whatsoever, which is most likely not what you want.

Thank you!

Ernest Marcinko

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