Reply To: Gateway Timeout


Brent Wallace

Hi Ernest.

I’ve been going crazy with support at my server because my site crashed! I left for a convention on Wednesday morning and I am without a computer, only my iPad and iPhone. As of Tuesday night when I went to bed everything was fine. But then on Wednesday I had 404 errors all over the place on every page!

I’ve been chatting back and forth with support at SiteGround and we finally found out that the issue was your plugin. Once it was renamed everything was fine. That is after several restores of information. Anyway something happened when you made the last changes to the search plugin. My assumption is that it had to do with the http:// changes that you were trying. PLEASE DO NOT RESTORE YOUR PLUGIN! Do you think you know what it might be? I believe that SiteGround renamed your plugin to make things work again. Please respond and let me know your thoughts as my hands are still tied with not being at my desktop. I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE MY INFORMATION!

Thank you,