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Ernest Marcinko

Missing items from the main menu
It’s simply because of the default search logic. It prioritizes other results, and those are not visible. Since you have a decent size of results set (over 1000 items), I would recommend changing the keyword logic to ‘AND’. You can do that on the General Options -> Logics & Behavior panel:

It is also possible to prioritize certain post types over others. So if you prefer nav menu items to show over other post types, you can change that on the General Options -> Ordering panel, by enabling the post type ordering, and dragging the nav_menu_item to the top of the list:

This is only my recommendation, but experimenting with these two options will very likely give you the desired ordering. For more information you can read the following chapters in the documentation:
Keyword logics & Keyword logics with examples
Primary, secondar ordering, post type ordering and mixed content ordering

Redirection to the results page
The plugin does not affect the results page design or layout at all, because it cannot do that. That page is usually controlled by the search.php file in the currently active theme/child theme directory. Ajax search pro can only push the items to be displayed on that page, but the display process is up to the theme.

You can actually turn of the redirection if you don’t need it, on the General Options -> Logic & Behavior panel:

For more information about redirections, you can check this section in the documentation:
Magnifier and Return button events

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