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Ernest Marcinko


Thank you for the details, it helps me a lot!

Unfortunately I’m not able to re-create the issue. I’ve activated the plugin, did a few test searches but everything looks okay so far. I’ve also checked the performance tracker, but the search processes are finished correctly within 0.15 seconds, the memory usage is also fine, around 1.5 MB.

The only thing I noticed is that your local memory limit is set to 128M, which I believe is very low given that you have 23 plugins activated. This could lead to 500 errors very easily. The plugin only consumes around 2-5 MB of memory tops, but if the memory was low on the edge, it could have caused the problem.
To get around this, I’ve added this line to the wp-config.php file in the root directory:


I immediately noticed a slight performance upgrade on the back-end, so this might have been the issue.

Another cause can be process limiting, especially if you are on a managed shared hosting environment. Shared hosts tend to have a concurrent process limit, usually around 20. This means that if more than 20 PHP processes are initiated within a short amount of time it will throttle the server, giving a temporary 500 error (for a few seconds or minutes).
To prevent this process overflow I have changed the following option on the plug-in back-end:
This prevents the live search trigger until the ‘Return’ character is pressed, saving around 80% of processes initiated.

If the issue was related to any of the above, these changes should resolve them.

For more performance related tricks, you can check this documentation chapter: Fine tuning the search configuration

In case you have any error logs or anything related available let me know, and I will look at them to see if there is any indication of an error within the plugin.
Also, if there is a definite way of re-creating the problem, let me know as well, that will help a lot.

Ernest Marcinko

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