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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Holly,

The reason why the posts does not show up is that you have a redirection set to a custom url, which looks like this:


That is not correct as the &post at the end actually does nothing. And since the ‘post_type’ argument is set to ‘product’, the WooCommerce results page handler is triggered – which is not capable of displaying posts as results, only products, and nothing else. It’s a restriction of WooCommerce I believe.

The only way to display both posts and products is to use the default results page and the search override:
In that case make sure that the product custom post type is also chosen:

The search options are not touched on update, at all. There are a few backwards compatibility fixes for some older versions, but the option are not reset to default or changed in any manner by the plugin when updating.
If you have different changes – like changes within the files or within the stylesheets, then those will be overwritten automatically by wordpress, and I do not recommend that. If custom styling is needed, then there is a Custom CSS field in the plugin options panel, which remains untouched during the update. For programmatical changes I only recommend using actions and filter codes (have them in the child theme functions.php file), as described in the knowledge base examples. Touching plugin core files is not a good idea, as those are replaced upon updates, and it’s not possible to prevent.

Ernest Marcinko

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