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Ernest Marcinko


For the stock rounding problem, I might have a custom code solution to round up the values:

The variable discounts is a more complicated problem. I’ve tried to look up the documentation of those plug-ins, but I have not found how the get the discount percentage values and the discount price. I don’t have a copy of the plugin either, so I was not able to look into it. If there is a way to get the discount price and the discount size based on the product ID, then I probably would be able to suggest.

The bundled products stock looks even more complicated, I’m not familiar with that plugin either. From what I can see, there are certain products bundled together, connected, and you need their stock statuses.
This might require a customization from someone that knows how to get the bundled products, and then get their stock statuses and print them along with the product description – I guess.

Ernest Marcinko

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