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Hi Ernest,

Unfortunately it didn’t work – the Search in content selector is still checked by default.. To be sure I understand your directions: go to General Options > Sources, select Regular Engine, configure the options at the bottom, change back to Index table engine, and THEN save? (I.e., don’t save in between any of those steps, just at the end?)

And yes, it’s confusing lol! If I understand correctly, Frontend Search Setting > General sets what selectors will be shown, and General Options > Sources sets the default values?

Also, “‘Index table engine’ is choosen, it automatically hides those options, as those are not used by the index table engine.” So even if I select some custom fields to be searched, because I’m using the index table engine, it won”t search those? Only title and content? Or??

This isn’t a critical issue for me, just something I wanted to tweak. I can wait for the new version where it will be clearer.