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Ernest Marcinko


The exact matches does not work like that, mostly because of the limitations on how the information is stored. Word boundaries cannot be reliably detected within the database, so there is no possibility to use exact matches that way.

Exact matching is more useful in scenarios where the user types in more than 1 keyword. Exact matching means in this case, that the phrases are not separated, but treated as one, and matched against the database content.

If you want exact word matching, then my suggestion would be:
1. Configuring and enabling the index table engine first. This step is vital, as it allows detecting word boundaries in a better way, without putting much load on the database itself.
2. Using the following logic configuration:
You can even try without the secondary locig, if you have lots of records in the database.

This will make sure to match exact words, if no matches, then randomly, but all words must match in both cases.

Ernest Marcinko

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