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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Dezio,

If you set the priorities, then the relevance does not matter, as it’s considered higher as the relevance matching. Since the results count is lower than the potential results set, the results are ordered as the priority dictates – leading to cutting out more expectedly relevant results after.

If you want A-Z ordering, but as relevant as possible, then exact matching is probably not the best option to use – as exact matching can occur in all of the selected fields.

Based on your description I recommend the following configuration:
1. Very important: Resetting priorities to 100 on each item:
2. If that is done, then instead of exact matching, use the ‘AND with exact word matches’ logic:
3. Set the Index table relevance, so that the title is a very high value, and the term logic is the second highest, for example:
4. Set the ordering to ‘Title ascending’:
5. The blog category is properly excluded, as I can see in the options

This will result in:
Every search keyword must match exactly, either of the fields
– and the title is far the most important field to match
– the taxonomy terms are the second most important fields to match
– and after matching the most relevant, order them by A-Z

So the results will be chosen if all words match, if the title or the categories are matched, then those are prioritized (title higher, terms a bit lower), then ordered by title in ascending order.

Ernest Marcinko

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