Reply To: Refund Request


Ernest Marcinko

Hi Lauren,

I’m almost positive that all of your request should be doable, one way or another.

1. This looks like a simple stylesheet override issue. Basically either the theme or a shortcode CSS changes the color of the lables to white. This custom CSS code should change that to a correct layout. Plus I noticed that there is also an override on the checkbox labels, I’ve included a fix for that as well:

.asp_option label:before {
    display: none !important;

.asp_option label:after {
    top: -1px !important;
    left: 0 !important;

.asp_option .label {
    color: #838383 !important;

Apply this code to your theme custom CSS field (if it supports it) or use the custom CSS field on the search plugin back-end.

2. By default the Isotopic layout is set to display 2 rows, and then paginate. You can change that here:
Changing it to a higher number, like 50 usually does the trick.

3. The problem here is, that by default the plugin uses an ‘all selected terms should match’ logic, when using checkbox filters. In 90% of cases this is fine, however in cases like this is not the most convenient. The reason is, that for example if you check one of the age filters, then only results which are marked with that value are displayed, and the un-checked ones are treated as exclusions. So items that satisfy multiple age groups will be excluded.

The solution is to change this logic to a less restrictive one, you can do it on the Frontend search settings -> Advanced panel, by changing the first option to At least one of the selected terms should match:

This should give you a more likely expected results set.

Ernest Marcinko

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