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Ernest Marcinko


Both issues were only caused by incorrect configurations:

2. The exceptions were placed in the non-whole keyword section, so the plugin removed these words from the whole phrases. So if the user entered ‘Nedelec’, the plugin removed the ‘le’ substring from it, it becane ‘nedec’. That seemed like that the accents were not working, when the issue was actually that many phrases were simply replaced.

The solution was very simple, I just moved the words to the correct location:

1. Now, thet the keyword exceptions are fixed, these words will yield no results, so only the replacements will be counted. In this case “le monde des animaux” becomes “monde animaux”.

I have also changed the keyword logic to a more scrict one, so now all keywords must match any of the fields in order to give you results:

This is the most strict logic for the index table engine.

I hope this helps!

Ernest Marcinko

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