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Thank you very much for the help.

#1 worked like a champ.

#2 Worked awesome. Thank you.

#3 Kind of works. I changed to using a custom field and a range field and also made the change you suggested. It displays nicely from a visual standpoint (rather than a ton of boxes) and kind of works. It seems to work okay when leaving one end of the slider or the other at the farthest point. So you could search for 0-12 and get results, but 7-12 doesn’t pull up what I would expect (well it pulls up “no results:). I’m not sure if there is anything else that can be done. This is probably the biggest thing that attracted me to your module so hopefully it can get working someday.

Here’s new questions…

I suddenly seem to be having trouble getting the search field and the filters working by instant search. I swear they were working and then stopped, but I’ve tried a million things. If I remove the search box completely, then the filters work instantly. If I have them both showing, the filters will only work if I first search for a word. Any ideas what I have done to myself?

Sort order question. I would like to be able to sort the items in the vertical list into a particular order. As of now, some of them appear in the correct order and some don’t on initial load. After a filter is applied, the sorting falls into place by the designated field. What is the best practice for getting the results to sort in a fixed order when the search page is initially loaded?

My page for reference:

Thank you again for your support.

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