Reply To: Conflict with Woocommerce


Ernest Marcinko

You are welcome.

If I may suggest two plugins to help you out with caching your content. I use these on my demo servers, and they seem to work nicely together:
W3TC -> I use this for page cache only, no minification
Autoptimize -> This one is a great asset minification plugin

It will take a good amount of time to get them configured correctly, and they may not work for you as for me, but it’s worth a try in my opinion. Caching greatly reduces your server load.
I also use Cloudflare as anothe layer of asset cache, it acts as a protection and alternative CDN to serve your image files and all other assets.

I only suggest experimenting with these, if your site is ready, and you are not planning to add more plugins or modules to it in the near future. Caching is great, but it’s main purpose is to serve the same content for all visitors, and it works the best if the layout is not changing too often.

I hope this helps you in some way 🙂

Ernest Marcinko

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