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David Engstrøm
David Engstrøm

Dear Ernest,

First let me thank you for your very prompt response and getting us up and running with ajax search pro. It is obvious that you have worked hard on the code and I am glad you have made the effort to advance the wordpress search protocol, it is quite necessary and important!

If you don’t mind I would like your help on a couple more issues that I am having.

1. First, a formatting issue. In the first three attachments, you will find screenshots 1, 2 and 3 of your searchbar in Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers. In the Safari browser, there is an oval border occuring on the inside of the search bar. In Firefox and Chrome the search bar displays normally. This inside oval border disappears when you shrink the window down on my responsive site, where it is found inside the dropdown megamenu toggle. The inside oval border appears no matter which searchbar theme you happen to use. I want to get rid of that. That’s the first issue.

2. Probably related to this ‘extra border’ issue, though it is the same in all browsers, is that I can’t seem to change the font size of the ‘Search’ description text…

3. The next difficulty is that while the search (hover dropdown) menu results works fine if I collapse the browser to its responsive mobile size, the live search is not working on ipad or iphone, and so from this I assume not on android or tablets, though I am not sure about that. But for sure, no go on the ipad and iphone, which for me would be a deal buster, since my site has been specifically designed to be truly responsive.

3a. Possibly related to this, you can see on the iphone, as well, the Search box only displays “Searc” in vertical phone position, displays normal in the horizontal landscape position.

On the Ipad the “Search” description displays normally.

I am hoping you can help me find solutions for these issues, the search function of this website is about to become central to it, and see many great applications for the plugin, and am ready to endorse, etc.

Thanks for you help,

best from David and

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