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Ernest Marcinko


Thank you for the details. Can you please check the FTP details?
Those are log-in details to the bluehost main account, which I tried, and was able to log-in, but I could not find the document root for the domain you provided, only for the other 4 sites. Alternatively I have also tried the cpanel file manager, but I could not find the directory of the domain in question. Can you please check that or let me know how and where I can access that?

I have looked through the past couple of hundred tickets, but there were no reports of any similar issue, so I’m guessing the issue is one of the following:
– There might be a missing file in the plugin folder. It can happen if the plugin upload fails or something goes wrong during the unpacking.
– ..or there is a permission related problem, and the plugin cannot access it’s own files.
– ..or there is some sort of anti-malware firewall script blackilsting something as a false positive.
– ..or there is a 3rd party plugin conflict.
Either way, I will have to be able to access the files, as if I re-activate the plugin and the issue comes back, I won’t be able to do anything, as the site breaks. The best way to solve this is to go through the plugin code line by line to check where the failure happens – but that is not possible without FTP access.

Let me know!

Ernest Marcinko

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