Reply To: Language Settings



Hi Ernest,

thanks for the quick reply and that worked… I would also like to change the language settings in the elements used for filtering like “search in content” Basically what I want to do is to have a search field that can filter the page categories “erotische Hypnose” and “Hörbuch” and in addition have a filter field for the post (in German: Beitrag).

Like this (hope you understand what is meant; in bracktets there is the German equivalent)

x erotische Hypnose
x Hörbuch
x Post (Beitrag)

x exact matches only (nur genau passende Suchergebnisse anzeigen)
x search in title (im Titel suchen)
x search in content (im Inhalt suchen)

May you let me know how I can achieve this ? / translate it?

Best regards, Mario Leonhardt