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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Stefan,

It is actually set higher than the results, it should be displayed over it. The same setup on a test server looks like this on my end:

I am guessing, that the issue is the z-index of the parent element. Do you happen to use a page builder of some sort, or any custom code to place the elements like that? If so, then the z-indexes might be set to the same value on those blocks, meaning that the latest rendered block will always float over the preceeding ones. Try looking at the blocks on the builder, it may support changing the z-index values on each block. In HTML the parent z-indexes are always higher priority, so no matter how big the drop-down z-index is set, the parent z-index will always apply.

If you can link me to a test page where I could see this, I might be able to suggest a custom CSS code to adjust the z-index values correctly.

Ernest Marcinko

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