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Got it. Would you be interested in adding this as a feature in exchange for a payment to develop this feature (ability to add 3rd party websites to index, for example in the form of providing
1) URL to a sitemap of website to index (for example in our case its
2) Limit indexing path to ‘*’

If you would be interested, I’m flexible with timing and would like to know what size of the payment would you require assuming I would agree to release the intellectual property to you so you can monetize the new feature and offer an alternative to a fast-growing service which we are considering (they have $24/month subscription to a service that allows adding several domains to index and serve an search results from an “aggregated” index). I can agree to pay a monthly fee, as you may require, for example for 12 months, to “finance” the development of the feature.

If you would not be interested, perhaps you can recommend a developer to contract this to. Otherwise I would have to customize your product with my two PHP/Wordpress developers (they work in our Minsk office maintaining our WordPress sites). However, I consider this option of forking as the least desirable selfish option as it doesn’t benefit your product long-term and puts us outside of upgrades.

Thank you for consideration,
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