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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


1. It’s not possible with the advanced fields option, it only works with the custom fields. However you can do a quick hack to achieve this. Open up the plugins/ajax-search-pro/includes/search_content.class.php file and go to line 345. That should be an empty line. Put these lines there:

$_cats = get_the_category( $v->id );
if (isset($_cats[0]))
  $r->title = $_cats[0]->name.' - '.$r->title;

You should then see the first assigned category name to each post.

2. It’s because of preventing infinite loops in the javascript code. This would cause other issues in the plugins current state. I will try to implement something similar to the next version, but I can’t promise anything.

3. Not yet. The plugin uses a non-HTML5 placeholder for older mobile support, but it will get removed and replaced with a HTML5 placeholder in the next version, so this issue will disappear soon.

Ernest Marcinko

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