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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


After a long debugging I have found the problems

1. You had a custom field filter created on the Frontend Options panel, but never used it. This restricts the results to show only those where this particular custom field is present. I removed that, since it wasn’t in use. Then in the Advanced option field there was a category excluded. The problem with that is that on a multisite install every single site has different category ID’s, moreover every custom taxonomy term is stored where the categories are, so if a term has the same ID on a different site as another category on the other site it will exclude the posts/custom post types related to that category or term. I don’t know if there is ever going to be a possible fix for this, it’s a very complicated issue. So I don’t recommend excluding categories or taxonomies on multisite installs for now.

3. On the advanced option panel you can find “Description Field” option, where you can select which custom field would you like to show instead of the description. Or there is another field called “Advanced Description Field” just below that, where you can merge multiple custom fields as well, or keep the original description along with a custom field content, like: “{descriptionfield} {custom_field_name}”

4. There is an option on the Advanced Options panel: “Group by default text (%GROUP% is changed into the current cateogry/post type name)” – it’s almost at the bottom. So in your case the %GROUP% will be the custom post type name, and you can add text before it, after it, or just remove it if you want.

Ernest Marcinko

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