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2. So, so great. I will make a different one for the menu that goes to the search page instead.

4. I understand that everything is included by default. This is what I did, and it doesn’t make sense that some signs will search and some will not:

Baby Sign Language

EVERY other category

Banana’s Categories are: B, Baby Sign Language, Food, TEST
Bath: B, Baby Sign Language, Routines

Banana should show up because it is in Baby Sign Language even if the other categories it is in is excluded. Bath shows up even if B and Routines are excluded. I don’t want to have to pay someone to search all 700 terms to make sure the plugin is actually pulling up the results for the baby sign category that the post is already included. It doesn’t make sense that some signs are showing up and some are not. Every post in Baby Sign Language should appear.

If I include every category a baby sign appears in, it takes a really long time to search through all of them. There are over 40 categories. I just want to use the 1 category that they are all in.

Do you see the problem? Is it possible for this plugin to search through one category and pull of the results for that one category?