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    I am so excited about this search plugin! I set a search up to search through only Baby Signs on my website (Category: Baby Sign Language)

    I am just having some problems with it responding correctly.

    You can view it on this page:

    1. I set the magnifying glass in the search box to click to the search result page. The search results isn’t taking over even though that is clicked. “Override the default WordPress search results page? On” Instead it is going to the search page for my theme.

    2. I really like the block results. However, when I use them with the result block short code under the search, nothing appears. Because I have it in the baby sign mega menu as well, with hover, the results go under the page and doesn’t work right, so I would like to use the block view. (The widget for that is “Baby Sign Search”.)

    3. The preview is showing white text but the actual is showing gray in the search box.

    4. Banana cannot be found with this search even though it is in the correct category. When I search for Brush, 4 results should appear but only 2 do. Brush, Hairbrush, Toothbrush, Brush Teeth. They are all in the right categories.

    5. For no results field, I wanted to add a hyperlink, so someone could request a baby sign that was not found, instead it changed the link to /////////

    Thank you so much for your help. I am looking forward to having this search on my website!



    Your site appears to be offline (I tried for 10 minutes). I will check on it again later 😉

    Ernest Marcinko

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    That’s odd. It was up before we sent the information over. We are contacting the host.


    Might be just a temporary server outage. I used to have those with my host as well on rare occasions.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    In the meantime could you please check the ftp access? I can only see a logs and a Mail folder there.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    I was able to get in for about 30 seconds and I quickly deactivated the Ajax Seach Pro to see if it had anything to do with it. It’s definitely not that – at least I know that.
    Thought I would let you know.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Hey Ernest! The website is working now. I don’t know what it was. It just started working again.


    Okays 😉

    So, before I start I must let you know that I disabled the WordFence plugin temporary. I think it was running some kind of scan task or something and it might have brought your site offline, I’m not sure though. You can re-enable it later on to confirm this. It might just had been a brief server outage after all, I don’t want to blame anything.

    1. That’s what it does. It can’t change your results layout, it changes the actual results you get (unless they are the same as the default). Changing the results layout is unfortunately only possible by editing the theme’s search.php (or corresponging) template file.

    2. You can’t have both with a single instance 😉 Why don’t you create 2 search instances, one of them you will use in the mega menu with the hover layout, and the other one as a block.

    3. There were some nasty styles implemented (coming from the theme I guess) which enforced padding, margin and color on the search boxes. I put some magic into the plugins “Theme options” -> “Custom CSS” box which enforces the correct style exclusively to the search boxes, so it should be all right now.

    4. You had the TEST category excluded, and the Banana post was belonging to the TEST category, that’s why it didn’t show up. The others weren’t showing because the fulltext search was enabled (while it was disabled on the settings, it beats me how), but I saved the options again and it’s showing now – perhaps some values were lost at the time of the server outage. The “Toothbrush” result is not showing because it’s still a draft. Once it’s published it will show as well.

    5. Yea, you can’t do that unfortunately. It’s printed via javascript and it does not handle it very well. I can hard-code the link for you if you can fix the ftp access and tell me exactly where it should point.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Thank you so much for going through all this. I am understanding all of this a lot better.

    1. This makes sense. However, when I use the “view more” button, it includes all the posts that aren’t in the Baby Sign Category.

    2. I would just like to use block results for everything, but the block results don’t show up when I use them. Even if I add the result short code under the search short code. It is blank.

    3. THANK YOU!!!

    4. All of my signs are in the Baby Sign Category. They are also in other categories, like the first letter of the word “B” or “Food.” It was too slow when I had the extra categories, so I just did the Baby Sign Category. Banana is in test but it is also in Baby Sign Language. Why isn’t it showing up? I need to delete the Test category anyway, because I am done testing what it was a part of for an essential grid.

    5. What do you mean by fix the FTP access? I’d be happy to do it.

    I REALLY appreciate your help. Search is so essential for people finding signs on this website, so this is really big for us.

    Thank you!


    1. Yes, that looks like a bug. I’ll fix that as well.

    2. Have you changed the “Results layout position” option to “Block – pushes content” ? You can find it in the ‘Layout Options’ -> ‘Results Layout’ tab. If it’s not changed, then it will show up hovering.

    3. No problem 😉

    4. It’s showing now because I removed the TEST category from the excluded categories list. It wasn’t showing because the category logic is exclusive (AND logic) by default. So by default all categories must fit in order to show that result. You can change this logic on the ‘General options’ -> ‘Category/Term logic’ option. I highly recommend leaving it as it is though, it can be very confusing.

    5. When I log into the FTP account you provided all I can see is a logs and a Mail folder, thus I can’t see the website files.

    No problem at all, happy to help you.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    1. Great!

    2. Yes, I have. And it didn’t work. I read the documentation through several times. Every time I used it and added the short code, nothing appeared. I even used the widget for the sidebar. I put it back to hovering, so results would show in other instances. I just want the block view to work.

    4. Banana is ALSO in Baby Sign Language, just like all the others. I want every sign that is in Baby Sign Language to appear even if it is in another category as well. For every other sign, they have at least 3 other categories, and they are not included in the search instance because when they were it was too slow. This makes me worry that there are problems with other posts that are in Baby Sing Language but might not show up. How can it work so that every post in Baby Sign Language appears? It doesn’t make sense that I would have to include TEST. I didn’t include B and bath still appears. Do you get what I’m saying?


    2. I see now. I have turned on the Force Inline styles option on the compatibility settings submenu, because I was suspecting some kind of stylesheet issue, now the results show up in a block under the widget. You will still need a different instance for the menu, as I hihgly doubt it will work there as well.

    4. I think we have a missunderstanding. That field is for excluding the categories, not including them. By default every category is included.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    2. So, so great. I will make a different one for the menu that goes to the search page instead.

    4. I understand that everything is included by default. This is what I did, and it doesn’t make sense that some signs will search and some will not:

    Baby Sign Language

    EVERY other category

    Banana’s Categories are: B, Baby Sign Language, Food, TEST
    Bath: B, Baby Sign Language, Routines

    Banana should show up because it is in Baby Sign Language even if the other categories it is in is excluded. Bath shows up even if B and Routines are excluded. I don’t want to have to pay someone to search all 700 terms to make sure the plugin is actually pulling up the results for the baby sign category that the post is already included. It doesn’t make sense that some signs are showing up and some are not. Every post in Baby Sign Language should appear.

    If I include every category a baby sign appears in, it takes a really long time to search through all of them. There are over 40 categories. I just want to use the 1 category that they are all in.

    Do you see the problem? Is it possible for this plugin to search through one category and pull of the results for that one category?


    4. Okay, I’m a bit tired, sorry for that, it’s a bit late here 😀

    So I checked your configuration and you have excluded all the categories on the “Frontend search settings” panel. However this does not mean that these categories are in fact excluded, they are only excluded from showing, so they are not visible but still included.

    There is another category exclude option on the “Advanced options” panel. The posts from categories excluded there will not show up whatsoever.

    I know it’s confusing, but it was neccessary. Many people requested to have only a few categories visible on the frontend, yet many others have excluded. So the category selector box on the “Frontend search settings” panel is only for the visibility in the settings box, but it does not affect the outcome, unless the user deselects some of the categories.

    To permanently exclude categories you need to use the one on the “Advanced options” panel. I hope I understood you correctly 😀

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Bawhahahaha. Thank you for being so patient with me. I wondered if that was just for the woo commerce because it had a little thing about woo commerce above that.

    So the search logic here is that if I include a category with 700 posts, posts will be eliminated if they appear in any excluded categories?

    Is there a way for it to just include anything that appears in one certain category? I would like it to just pull up anything that appears in that one Baby Sign Language Category.

    Does it slow it down if it is searching through 1 category vs 55 categories? My search goes really slow. I read something on your site that it has to do with the server speed. Is that correct or could searching through lots of categories affect it?

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