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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Ok then.

It definitely must be some kind of caching or something similar. I tried on 3 different computers, 3 browsers with each computer, on ipad, iphone and every of these displayed normally.

I also tried 5 different VPS providers with proxy via hola proxy plugin and it worked every single time. I refreshed like 100 times for each browser but it always works.

There must be some kind of caching bound to your IP address or your DNS points to a different IP address.

I’m 100% sure it would have showed up at least once in my test environment. I truly tried like 1000 times and everything is normal.

Try to flush your DNS cahce from the command line with the ipconfig -flushdns command, then try to restart. Also, check your hosts file if the site IP address is not overridden there.

Ernest Marcinko

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