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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Nice, at least we know where the problem is.

However I can only offer very limited 3rd party support. I hope you understand, that authors simply can’t buy all the conflicting plugin combinations (there are like 1 million commercial, and another 2 million non commercial plugins available) just to test them. There is not enough time or money to do that.

If you don’t want to provide details to your live server, you can still create a test or development environment with login and ftp access, where both plugins are active and conflicting, I’m more than happy to check that and fix it if possible.

And, if none of this is possible, then probably the only solution I can see here is to add the correct script manually to one of the theme files, possibly the footer. I have grabbed the related posts pro script with the syntax errors from your site and corrected it. All you need to do now is to add this to the footer of your site. You will have to edit one of your theme files for this via FTP. In the active theme directory there should be a file called footer.php or something very similar. The active theme directory is usually wp-content/themes/{theme-name}/, you should look for that file there. On the very very bottom of that file there are usually these 2 lines present:


These are the closing tags for the body and the html element. Above the closing body tag, add the following lines:

<script type="text/javascript">
  rppjQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
        "node": null,
        "elements": ".rpp_item.rpp_visible",
        "elementsAll": ".rpp_item",
        "visibleClass": "rpp_visible",
        "fadeoutClass": "rpp_fadeout",
        "titleSelector": ".rpp_title",
        "loadingSelector": ".rpp_cssloading_container",
        "relevanceSelector": ".rpp_relevance",
        "type": "isotope",
        "isotopeLayout": "fitRows",
        "transitionAnimation ": "fxFerris",
        "initialFilter": "post_type",
        "autoplay": true,
        "autoplayTime": "6000",
        "overrideFilter": true,
        "minShow":  8,
        "defSortValue": "rpp_relevance",
        "defSortOrder": "desc",
        "showSettings": 1,
        "showSearchByDefault": 0,
        "exactSearchMatchOnly": 1,
        "dots": true

This will add the declaration code statically, and the plugin should start working. The downside is, that this is a static code, so changing some of the settings on the plugin backend may not have effect here.

Ernest Marcinko

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