Reply To: Step setting not effective

Robby Payne
Robby Payne

Hello! Looks like I’m having the same issue again. I’ve added many custom fields (not to the search plugin, but to my WP install in general) since you last fixed the issue. Can you take another look? Right now, no matter what I type in the search bar, I get no drop down results. Hitting enter still yields the results however.

One other question on custom fields: if I have some sliders in filter section and a particular listing doesn’t have that field defined, is it ejected from the results? For instance, if the price of a property isn’t defined, since the slider defines the price as 0 – $100000, is that property not going to show up in a search? We have lots of custom fields, but not all of them apply to all the posts. So if I have a slider for % of basement finished and it goes from 0 – 100% but the user chooses not to adjust this filter since they don’t care about a basement, is the post without this custom field defined not going to show up in the search? I guess I want to know if the filters are out of play unless acted on by the user. And if not, can that happen?

Thanks so much for all your help!!!