Reply To: Step setting not effective

Robby Payne
Robby Payne

OK. I think we will set up a different search for each main category. We have 4 and each type of post has different variables, so this will allow us to use the filters. Without doing this, I don’t see a way to make this work with the filters.

Two very strange behaviors are rearing their head, though. First, there are times that I hit enter to complete the search and all our pages load after the search result. One after another. I have “Search in Pages” removed, but it still happens from time to time.

Secondly, the category filters don’t seem to work when hitting enter or the search key. For instance, I have a few posts with the location set to Elizabethtown KY. However, they are all in different categories. If I deselect all categories but one and search “Elizabethtown” and hit enter, I still get all the listings returned. It seems the filters aren’t working when return or search is being hit. Is this normal? I’m hoping the filters don’t just apply to the drop-down search results.