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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Hi Wayne!

So, I went a bit over the support duties and configured the plugin almost exactly as it is on the demo page.

There were no custom fields for the price and the number of beds, so I have created them for both the “Point Break” and the “Beach Retreat” posts. One custom field is the “room_price” the second is the “room_beds” for intuitive names. I have added fake values to them, just to test. If you edit them and scroll down, you will see:

Then I created two sliders, one for the beds count and one for the price. I have also reduced the character settings to 0, to trigger the search even if no search term is used.
You can edit these sliders on the Frontend Search settings – Custom fields tab.

So based on this, you can add more and more different custom fields, that you want to filter. But all of them must be defined for every Room, otherwise it won’t show up in the results. So if you keep adding new posts now, you will have to add (defined) the “room_beds” and the “room_price” custom field for that room, otherwise it will get filtered out and never shows up as a result.

Before experimenting with search options, I suggest exporting the settings on the Export/Import submenu:
That way you can revert back the changes in case of misconfiguration.

Ernest Marcinko

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