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Oh great!!!!

1. Yes now the search in admin works 🙂

2. If I don’t select “search in title” and “search in content”, why my posts can’t be found when “search in posts” is selected? It’s the same for pages. It looks like “search in title” AND/OR “search in content” must be selected to find something, is it normal?

3 and 4 ok thanks 🙂

Three more questions…

A) Is it possible to put my categories in the order I want? Actually I think it’s determined by the ID. See printscreen.

B) When I click more results it indicates that i’m supposed to get for example 3 pages of results, when i click page 2, page 3 etc.. I always have the same result that my page 1, so unable to see more….

I have found that my link looks like this when I click “More Results”:

When I click on page 2 I get this link: but the results are the same than page 1. However, if I delete the last part of the link “&asp_active=1 and I refresh the page, at that moment I see the results of my page 2. So is there a way that that my links look like this:
instead of…
C) How can I hide one or more categories to be viewed on the panel. I know how to exclude categories from the advanced options, however they still appear on the panel. Ok they are unchecked but I’d like to completely hide those I don’t need like your demo under “good looking” ?

Sorry for all these questions. Your plugin is great but not very easy to setup ;).

Thanks a lot!!!!!

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  • This reply was modified 6 years, 2 months ago by  RockoMusiQc.
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