Reply To: Issues with second search form

Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

I do not understand the problem at all right now.

You have created 3 different search instances, but using only one of the shortcodes, with the ID of 6. The reason why the screenshot from the front-end is not looking like the one on the back-end is because those are two different search instances. One is number 6, the other is the 1.

If you correct the shortcode, it will display the correct one. Right now the 6. is displayed 3 times because the shortcode of that instance is used.

The reason why there were no changes on the front-end, is because you were styling instance number 1, and it’s not used on the front-end, only number 6. Therefore it’s not going to change ever, unless you correct the shortcode.

Ernest Marcinko

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