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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

I see what you want now, it was not the cache, I changed one more option 🙂

You have a rare case where the category/term selector logic must be changed to the “OR” (General Options -> Behavior -> Category/Term logic option). I just did that, so it should return the correct amount.

I would rather not explain in details why, but the general difference between the AND and OR is roughly:

AND -> the portfolio item must meat all of it’s categories, except the ones it does not belong to.
OR -> the portfolio item must meat at least one of the categories it belongs to

The OR logic is very easy to understand and programatically is very easy to create, however the AND is extremely complicated – because not all items belong in all categories, and not all categories cover all the items. It took me over a week to figure out the correct solution, however because of the nature of the logic and because of what naturally is expected, items (in your case portfolio items) not belonging to any category are also displayed. That is why you saw so many unexpected results.

In 99% of the cases those results are expected, because it was never told the plugin not to show items with no terms. But a few people needed something like you did, and that’s why the “OR” logic was implemented as well.

Ernest Marcinko

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