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    HI Ernest, this is what I’m trying to achieve, the search should do the following:
    Info you might need:
    a) You should look at the second section named ‘Search by Genre’ –
    b) The search that is configured for this section is named Genre Search ([wpdreams_ajaxsearchpro id=11])

    1. The search should look only withing portfolios, which are in fact custom post types (named my-prooduct).
    2. Search results should return only portfolios that belong to categories checked in checkboxes
    3, It should not look within portfolio texts or title – it should return results base only on category name

    I’ve spent quite a lot of time trying to figure it out but was not successful. Please take a look at the configuration and let me know how to make it work.

    ISSUE #2.

    When you look at the ‘Search by Genre’ section you would see a number of portfolio categories that can be checked.
    And (as it should be) by default there are no search results displayed.
    Please perform the following steps:

    – Check Flowers category and you would see the results displayed (great, so far so good)
    – Now here comes the part that should be corrected – UNCHECK the flower category, so all category checkboxes remain empty. For some strange reason there are still results being displayed.
    When everything is unchecked nothing should be dsplayed. Is this doable?




    I’ve looked at the configuration, and almost everything is correct, except 1 thing. On the General Options -> Sources 2 panel you had the portfolio categories selected. If you look at the option name it says “Return taxonomy terms as results”. That means the search returned the taxonomy terms as well as the portfolio items.

    The reason why you got results even if all the check-boxes were disabled, is because the taxonomy term results are not affected by the taxonomy term checkboxes, because they are one and the same thing.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Sorry, I’m a bit confused – I glanced at the page and nothing has changed in the Genre Search section.
    When you check Flowers it sill returns tons of options, while in fact there are only 2 portfolios included in Flowers category (so it should display 2)

    As t the second issue, sorry, from your answer I don’t understand what should be done in order to clear the list of presented items when all categories are unchecked.




    Sorry, looks like a cache issues again, I cleared it and it seems that everything works just fine.
    (Sorry it didn’t sink in yet that I have to clear cache everytime :))

    Thanks a lot.


    I see what you want now, it was not the cache, I changed one more option 🙂

    You have a rare case where the category/term selector logic must be changed to the “OR” (General Options -> Behavior -> Category/Term logic option). I just did that, so it should return the correct amount.

    I would rather not explain in details why, but the general difference between the AND and OR is roughly:

    AND -> the portfolio item must meat all of it’s categories, except the ones it does not belong to.
    OR -> the portfolio item must meat at least one of the categories it belongs to

    The OR logic is very easy to understand and programatically is very easy to create, however the AND is extremely complicated – because not all items belong in all categories, and not all categories cover all the items. It took me over a week to figure out the correct solution, however because of the nature of the logic and because of what naturally is expected, items (in your case portfolio items) not belonging to any category are also displayed. That is why you saw so many unexpected results.

    In 99% of the cases those results are expected, because it was never told the plugin not to show items with no terms. But a few people needed something like you did, and that’s why the “OR” logic was implemented as well.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Thanks Ernest, just rated the plugin as five stars and posted the review in item comments:

    ‘I usually don’t rate purchased items until I really complete the project but in this case I feel compelled to. Support is unbelievably fast and is of extremely good quality. Sometimes with additional explanations that are really useful. No to mention that the plugin itself is developed with customization in mind and has tons of options. Thanks a lot, it is quite rare when you can come across excellent product that is supported on a high level.”


    Thank you very much for you kind words and the positive rating!

    Let me know if you have need any help, I will try to answer as quickly as I can 🙂

    Ernest Marcinko

    If you like my products, don't forget to rate them on codecanyon :)

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