Ajax Search Lite: A free ajax search for WordPress

Ernest Marcinko Free Plugins 5 Comments

Need an enhanced search engine for your WordPress blog? Ajax search lite is a powerful ajax search engine for WordPress, just what you need. Friendly, Fast, Free.

A resonsive search engine, which will boost your user experience by providing a user friendly ajax powered search form. COMPLETELY FREE!



Features List:

  • Search in posts and pages
  • 2 nice themes
  • Insert into post/pages or use the search widget
  • Frontend search settings boxes
  • Images in search results
  • Fully ajax powered
  • Uses jQuery for maximum compatibility
  • Caches images for faster response


See also: Pro version on condecanyon only for 20$!

Ernest Marcinko

WordPress developer, javascript enthusiast, photoshop clicker and the founder of wp-dreams.com

Comments 5

  1. Azhar

    I am interested to purchase your plugin of pro search ,but i had enough from predictive search plugin from another company and have now come to the point where i forgot about time and effort spent for predictive and now was looking for another plugin and came across your plugin and have installed lite version but it does not give any results.Good that i did not purchase pro and noticed that it may be useless too,but thought to speak to you about it as i may be doing something wrong .

    Can you please check my website and advise why your plugin does not find products.

    Will purchase after fully satisfied.



  2. Corey

    Hi There,


    i was wondering if you can tell me how to remove images from the results, i prefer just the header and text,  also how do i shorten the description, its cutting it off on my theme




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