Ajax Search Pro for WordPress 4.15 to 4.16.2 developer notes

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These releases feature importing options from the Lite version, front-end filters API and templating and other fixes and optimizations.

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New Features

Importing Options from Ajax Search Lite

A long awaited feature, finally here. Now, if you are a previous Ajax Search Lite user, you can import the options when creating a new search instance.

Filters API and Templating

There has been a major improvement on how the front-end filters are handled. We reworked the old, hard-coded outputs, and separated the whole thing into a completely new templating system. This lets you make permanent changes to the front-end filters outputs.

The templates are working with a unified front-end filters API, so there is an easier way to add/remove/modify the front-end filters. This API now can be easily extended with new features, that we have planned for the future releases.

..and also

We added:

  • Adjustable results box width, padding and margins, as well as adjustable snapping to the search bar
  • Separate ordering for user type results
  • Options to set CPT results grouping by title and not by ID when needed
  • Inclusive options to all date filters, so that the selected date can be included. Oh, and date filters can have a placeholder, as well as an empty value by default.
  • “date_format” parameter for the advanced title and content fields, when using date type custom fields

There are lots of fixes and changes, for that you can check the full version log.

Do you have a copy of Ajax Search Pro yet?

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