Ajax Search Pro for WordPress 4.13 – Developer notes

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This release brings tons of new features, as well as a few optimizations and bugfixes. Check out the plugin demo, it might be something you are looking for.

New Features

Indexing and searching Attachment file contents

The long-awaited feature is finally here. Indexing PDF, any kind of text, RTF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files is now possible. This is a built-in extension to the index table engine, so that the file contents are indexed and stored in the database.

This is a very extensive feature, check the documentation for all the details: Search in attachment contents – Ajax Search Pro


This is another built-in extension for the index table engine. A brand new panel was inserted, that gives the opportunity to manage synonyms – multi languages supported (WPML, Polylang).

Documentation: Synonyms – Ajax Search Pro

Live results loader for the theme results page

Although this is a more advanced feature, in same cases it can be really useful. Basically, this allows displaying results on the results page without reloading it.

Documentation: Live results page loader – Ajax Search Pro

Image lazy loader

When enabled, the images are loaded via a lazy loader script. This is useful in cases when the auto-populate feature is also enabled, and showing a large number of results initially.


  • A few minor bugs with the index table accuracy were fixed
  • Mobile and touch device compatibility fixes, including the range slider script and the scrollbar script
  • ‘Try these’ and ‘No results’ text keywords now properly escaped
  • Image cache improvements
  • The clone detection method (usually with mobile menus) was improved

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