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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


I’ve found the problems. The lack of results was caused by a minor misconfiguration. On the general options, the index table engine was selected, however it is not configured. I changed it back to the default engine, and it is working now 🙂

Also, please note that on the non-ajax results page the user results will not show up (only in the ajax list). Currently wordpress does not allow to display other stuff as custom post types on the results list. I’m experimenting with a possible solution for the upcoming versions though, so it’s going to be possible sooner or later.

The white line was caused by a theme CSS rule. It was not visible on the previous version, because it used a different structure and more CSS. I fixed the problem by adding this custom CSS to the search settings:

.proinput {
     max-height: 30px;
Ernest Marcinko

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