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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


1. To adjust the logic between the logic between the fields on the Frontend Search Settings -> Advanced panel:

2. To center the search on an image you have multiple options:

  • If you are good at coding, you can create HTML and custom CSS code in the post editor and put the search shortcode there. There is no exact way of doing this, it depends fully on your environment.
  • Using a visual editor, like visual composer, which I believe supports sections and background images. You might still need some custom CSS code, it really depends on your theme as well.

3. You should try the block layout of the settings box instead of the default “hovering”. The block layout adopts to the search width, but it also pushes the content downwards. You can change that on the Frontend search settings -> General panel:

4. Unfortunately tags will not work with pages, only category filtering is supported yet.

5. In your previous ticket you asked if you can make a search without the search bar. There was a code you had to insert into your functions.php. That code resets the search phrase to an empty string, meaning it does not matter what you type into the search bar it will always search for an empty string””. If you decided to use the search bar, you will have to remove that code from your themes functions.php file.

Ernest Marcinko

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