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hi ernest,


few things:

the did you mean solution that you suggested only removed the text ‘did you mean’ but i meant to not show any suggestions coming as a result of ‘did you mean’. please refer to the above image.

in chinese language version i have this in one of the posts “恭喜發財“.
when i am in the chinese version of the site if i type just 恭喜 it does not result anything (please refer 2.png) unless i press spacebar. is it possible to not have to press spacebar since it’s ajax it should be natural. user may think that there is no result if they do not press spacebar. (this problem is only related to chinese text – doube byte chars).

3) “3. You are right. The problem is that you have the “Highlight whole words only” option enabled, but in chinese (or similar) languages there are no word boundaries that the script can regognize. If you turn that option off, it may work:”
=> if i turn off this option then it will highlight so many things that may confuse the user.
‘search everything’ and ‘highlight search’ plugins work ok in that area. can you please try something in future for this.