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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

1. I still cannot see the change to allow an empty phrase:

If you cannot add it or need help (or it’s not working), just fill in the FTP and back-end login details and I will do that for you.

2. Because the value of the “Maak uw keuze…” select is “Maak uw keuze” – which is telling the search to filter the filed by “Maak uw keuze” string. You need an empty phrase there instead. So now you have this line in the custom field configuration (

Maak uw keuze||Maak uw keuze...**

change that to:

||Maak uw keuze...**

for both custom fields. So there is nothing before the double lines on that first line. It will mean that no value is entered, thus matching anything.

Ernest Marcinko

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