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Hello Ernest after deleting the form and creating a new one the errors in my developer console disappeared. I am however still having much difficulty getting the decimals in the range slider to work. Please refer to my images attached below. I would like for the slider to start at .18 and end at 10.99 and I would like it to step in increments of .18 but this is not working. I also had a question that I could not find the answer to in the documentation and was wondering if you could answer it for me? Could i possible do ranges in the drop down. for example i have a meta field in my custom post type called color this has single letter values like E , F , Q etc. Could i do something like E-F|| E-F where the search searches all the meta values E & F?

Also could you point me in the direction of getting custom designed result to display?

Thank you for the help, i would just like this to work because I will be purchasing another license as well for another site as well if this works the way i want CHEERS!

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