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I am still having a slue of other issues with the plugin. The drop down arrows are still not displaying in the front end search. along with a scroll bar for the multi select option. once i select multi select the box does not expand and many of the options do not display at all, even if i click and drag it selects all the ones that are visible only. there are still options that are not visible when i switch it back to the basic dropdown those options display so i know that my configurations are correct. Am i able to add a search button so that the user has to press search and is redirected to a seperate results page? You had told me earlier on that this was possible but it is very very difficult to get it to work. Also how do i get rid of the filter by custom post type and the stones check box at the begining of the search on the left side? Please help me as i need to get this to work, i appreciate it. Please refer to the screenshot below.

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