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Hello Ernest,

Thank you for the response, This is the only way to get the search button working? And how would it then redirect to a different search page, I still have not receive the answer to that. If i do not implement the redirect via submit, and continue using the ajax method, I will be required to add additional information to the results. As it stands the results display the title the featured image and content. Is there a way to add meta values to the results? after all we are using the custom fields to search. for example: I have a meta field stone_price, I would like for this value to appear along side the title and featured image. I understand that i would have to make additions to the template files, is there another way to do this so that it will not get overwritten on the updates? Also there is no mention of a reset button, How would i go about creating one in order to allow the users to reset the search?

Also If i upgrade the plugin will I have to renter all the settings? Thank you for your patience and help.

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