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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


Redirection info in documentation:

To add custom field values, you can use the advanced title and description fields on the Advanced Options -> Content options panel. More infor in the documentation:

There is a way to use templating so it does not get overwritten (by making copies of the original files to the active theme folder under the /asp/ folder), please read the knowledge base article:

Another possible way is to use filters, which are update proof as well, as it does not affect the plugin code directly. Example:
Knowledge base – Custom field in result titles

I only recommend creating a reset button if you have good experience in HTML and jQuery. I recommend creating a button, and attach a “click” event handler to it via jQuery script. This script would then change the values of the specified selectors. But I guess there are other approaches as well.

The latest update (4.9) has a few fundamental changes that are not backwards compatible. Other settings should remain untouched.

Ernest Marcinko

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