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    I have a few typical questions which I could not find in the documentation.

    1) I want to hard code a search item in the search bar.How can I write something which will always be in the search bar as default.So that when a user press the search button that item is searched but on clicking the button.As per the present settings ‘search here’ appears in the search bar and its not something that can be searched for on clicking the button.I want to put something in place of ‘search here’ and when the button is pressed that item is searched too.

    2) How can we hide the search bar from the user?Only the search bar not the search button.

    3) We can choose the options in the search settings.Apart from this I want to keep the radio buttons ticked on by default.say if I have kept 3 options like search exact ,search content and search posts then all should be ticked on by default.How can I do this?

    4) How can I hide the search settings fully?Both the button to see the search settings and the search options fully hidden,how can we do it?

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