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    Hello! We are getting ready to launch this website tomorrow and I am finishing up our ADA scan and remediation. I have an error that I keep getting. The error is:

    An element with aria-hidden=true contains focusable content.

    It appears to be coming from several elements in the search form. How can I resolve these or can you resolve them in a plugin update?

    <input type='submit' aria-hidden="true" aria-label="Hidden button" style='width:0; height: 0; visibility: hidden;'>


    <div class="asp_option hiddend" aria-hidden="true">
    <div class="asp_option_inner">
    <input type="checkbox" value="title" id="set_title1_1" data-origvalue="1" name="asp_gen[]" checked="checked"/>
    <label for="set_title1_1">Hidden label</label>

    I am using PowerMapper to scan the website. Please let me know how I can resolve these issues. Thank you in advance!

    Thanks! – Kayla

    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    First off, please note that the plugin is not claimed to be ADA nor WCAG compliant. We are regularly testing with the wawe tool, but other tools might be different.

    I believe these two finds are simply false positives, as the items are actually invisible, and therefore should be unfocusable with any ADA compliant reader. I don’t know if we can do anything about them, since they are already invisible (set via the stylesheets), and they are marked with the aria-hidden tag as well.

    Ernest Marcinko

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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