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    SFTP Port attached as attachment in case you need it.

    So we are currently using Ajax Search Pro in our header. When a user submits a search he is taken to the search page with the results rendered as per Ajax Search Pro settings.

    We would like to include Advanced Filters on the Side where we would show only Product Categories related to the search results found, price filter , Post Author (Vendors) and Brands (Product Attributes). All these filters should render only the values that exist in our search results. So if there are no Apple products in the search, the brand Apple should not render in the Brands list. Is this something that can be achieved with Ajax Search Pro?

    We are already using Product Filter for Woocommerce on our site for such advanced searches, however if the above is possible through Ajax Search Pro we can get rid of the Product Filter for Woocommerce plugin. If it is not possible can you please provide feedback re the below:

    • We have tried activating the Product Filter for Woocommerce on the search page as well. It seems to be working however the search results are not being populated as per Ajax Pro Search settings (Relevance, Order etc). We can hook to the Product Filter for Woocommerce ajax request to update the query. Is there a way we can simulate Ajax Search Pro Query in our hook?
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    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    I’m afraid this is not yet possible with our plugin.

    Unfortunately combining searches/filters across two separate plugins is also a very problematic topic. Each plugin uses it’s own query, it’s own way of getting the results (basically it’s own override fature), and it is very rare to see them work together – usually it is not possible. Usually the result is, that either one or the other plugin’s results will be displayed.

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