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    Hi there, I have downloaded and installed the Ajax Search Pro Plugin, its a great plugin looks amazing, I’m having a little trouble setting it up, I think i might be doing something wrong?? I’m able to get results but when i click on them they redirect me to the home page, and i don’t think it is showing me any page results.

    If I search for the Artist page “Mia & The Moon” i type in Mia and it brings up the result of mia and the moon but when click this link it redirects me back to the home page, is this because the link is broken or because it is picking up the text from the home page??

    Also if I type in “DJ ” it brings up a list of multiple options which is great but only the bottom link seems clickable?

    so it seem as though pages are not coming up in the results can this be fixed?

    Please can you help me

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    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    Thank you for the detailed description and the login details.

    You did nothing wrong, it was actually my fault. I’ve updated the plugin a few days ago, but I made a mistake which I discovered after the release. Then I quickly fixed the issue and re-uploaded the plugin to codecanyon, but 1 or 2 purchases went through between the time I uploaded the bugfix and the approval. I guess you are one of the clients who got it that time 🙂

    Long story short, I’ve manually corrected the faulty code, I believe it should work as expected now.
    Please note that I have changed a few things on your search configuration, and I probably didn’t change back everything as it was, I’m very sorry about that, but it was necessary to fix this problem. (especially on the General Options -> Sources 2 panel, I had to reset that to default)

    Let me know if you something is not working still.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Hi Ernest,

    you are literally amazing!! it look fantastic now! and even the settings tab works now, I cannot thank you enough, I’m straight off to Code Canyon to give you 5 stars and a glowing review!!!

    Cheers Jordan

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