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    Hi Ernest,

    I hope you are doing just fine over there :).

    I have a follow-up question on my last support contact some weeks ago. I had asked you whether it would be possible to change the labels for each post type’s group when grouping search results. I can change the text BEFORE the actual post type name, but even with the standard post types it is ‘Post’/’Page’ (singular) instead of ‘Posts’/’Pages’ (plural) which make more sense in most cases I presume. You have the option for the frontend filter settings to rename the taxonomies’ names, would you be able to provide that for given post types’ group titles as well?

    Also, maybe I am missing something: I can choose in which custom fields your plugin should search for the keywords which seems to work fine. Can I in some way let the result show the actual custom field’s content excerpt which contains the keyword? (Also, if the keyword is e.g. the title and the post does not have a the_content/the_excerpt, but uses custom fields only, can you let us enable which custom field’s content it should show per post type? That sounds like a bit more work though..?)

    And how is your project with relevance filtering for content advancing? You already said quite a few weeks ago it’d be days away. Not wanting to rush you, but I still don’t think I had an e-mail about an update including that, so I thought I might had better ask :).

    All the best and thanks in advance


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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