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    I got a custom function that I have been using for years that instead of opening the individual product pages on result click it adds the product to the cart. I do not use individual product pages at all so this was perfect.

    However, I am now using the “Woocommerce Cart” plugin ( and things are going wrong. instead of adding things to cart I get this (see image below). As you can see it adds it, then says it is already added.. and it doesn’t open the cart (or even better, add it to the side cart using the new plugin).. I could even be okay if it just added it to cart and open the cart page as it did previously..

    Here is the code:

    add_filter( ‘asp_results’, ‘asp_links_to_addtocart’, 1, 1 );

    function asp_links_to_addtocart( $results ) {
    foreach ($results as $k=>$r) {
    $lang_arg = “”;
    if ( isset($_POST[“options”]) ) {
    $opt = wp_parse_args($_POST[“options”], array());
    $lang_arg = “&lang=” . $opt[“wpml_lang”];
    // Modify the URL
    $results[$k]->link = ‘/?add-to-cart=’.$r->id.’&quantity=1′.$lang_arg;
    return $results;

    Thank you!

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